Tennessee Wildfires By MoRganna Johnson

Current event review, for Ms.Fulcher's fourth period class.

Current event, answers to question page.

1. The location of this event is smoky mountain park, Sevier Tennessee. The fire started on Monday November 28th and ended on Wednesday November for 30th, But has still left local citizens injured, worried about missing citizens, and upset about the 10 deaths that have been reported after their bodies being found.

2. Key persons associated with this event are severe County Tennessee mayor, Dolly Parton, and the smoky bear wild fires association spokes man.

3. The Sevier County Tennessee local government has been involved in this situation.

4. There are no laws that have been broken in this event.

5. This event is related to local government because it has left local society in public despair.

6. The government and government agency involved in this event are, The local government and the Smoky Mountain Park service security.

7. The local government's role in this event is, arranging search parties for those who have gone missing, announcing what people have found, and to help provide money for repairs of the homes that were lost in the fire.

8. This event has environmentally concluded because rain put out the fires on Wednesday, November 30th, but aftermath of the the fire is politically devastating because several people have gone missing, 10 announced dead, and 53 reported injured.

9. There has been no controversy in this event because, The fire was not started on purpose and it was a valid mistake due to weeks of lacking rainfall.

Event summary:

In this event a fire occurred in Smoky Mountain national Park, Sevier County, Tennessee. Multiple people were reported missing; 53 were recorded injured; and 10 record that. The local government and park security have been involved in search parties for the missing people. This occurrence has left many people in depression. From the loss of their homes and their families. This deadly fire started Monday, November 28th, And has ended today Wednesday, November 30th. Today three of the 10 dead were reported by Mayor waters himself. People lost precious precious possessions in the destruction. And a lot of the smoky mountain wildlife has burned down. Thanks to this sad turn of events.

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