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Nile River
The Nile river was a good thing for us . we used it to irrigate and to water to there crops. Making it so we could make more fields and water them easier which means more crops. It also flooded and made silt which was really good for our crops. That made it so crops grew faster and more crops could be planted. We also used it for traveling and transporting goods.
We used the pyramids for tombs for pharaohs which were like kings. It was also almost robber proof having mazes in them and a lime stone stone wall which then it broke so the robbers could get in by climbing the bricks. The pyramid's toke 22 years to complete also it took 100,000 people to make.
King Tutankhamen
King Tutankhamen also known as King Tut when he became faro he was only 8 years old the reason why is the citizens thought they could control king tut sense he was so little he wouldn't be able to make big decisions easily. He died at the age of 19 years old and sense he died so young they weren't able to make a tomb on time so they rushed and made it sloppy.
Our food
W have some the best foods down hear in Egypt that will make you beg for more. we have bread and fresh grown onions and fresh fish. We also have dairy products from cows and goats. For a fruit we have plenty ripe and juicy grapes. We also have mad from fresh grapes.
Mummification is a hard poses that takes lots of time. The first thing is we wash the body in the Nile river. Then we wash with wine to kill germs and bacteria. Then we remove the brain with a long hook. Then we make a cut in the stomach and remove the intestines, lungs, liver, and main intestines which then we place the intestines in conapic jars for the after life the only thing they in the body is the heart. Then we stuff it with old rags and hay to make the body look normal again because the salt makes it shrink and shrivel. Next we cover body with oils to make it smell better.Next we wrap it placing charms in the wrapping for luck. Then we place the mummy in the coffin.


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