Dawes Plan Takes Action By:sydney armour

It all started August 1924... My name is Sydney Armour. As a young girl I noticed that many things had happened that I didn't understand. Many people were terrible to others.. Then one morning I had been woken up because my parents told me that my brother had been injured during this war. It was the scariest day of my life because we had no idea how bad it really was. Luckily he was sent home and it took time for him to heal up. We lived in Germany so the war was all over the news. Millions of people dying and killing for territories and for being betrayed. Because of this war it drained Europe’s economy enormously. This lead Europe to have heavy debts to pay back. WWI did a lot of damage to the economy also. Economy in Germany became demolished and Europe countries started a period of increase due to over printing their currencies. Europe is the conflict between the countries. Since Germany had such a debt to pay in 1924 the Dawes Plan arrived. Everyone was a little bit scared and also happy because this plan was to resolve the reparation problem that Germany caused. The Treaty of Versailles had enacted vast reparation payments on Germany for them to pay for the damage of World War One. The Dawes Plan was controlled by an international agency of specialists under the chairmanship of the American banker Charles Dawes. The plan was accepted by the Allied and German governments. Great Britain and France agreed to accept less in reparations and pay more on their debts towards World War One. However the Dawes Plan only lasted for a short amount of time. We realized that Germany could not only pay their loans but also were in debt with the American banks. Now I understand how much World War One really destroyed Europe.






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