The Warfare of a castle catapult

when you siege a castle this means

this is what one of a sieged castle looks like.

sieging: is when you try to take over a castle or a city but first you have to starve them people and turn off there water and food supplies and this will take a long time because they will most likley have food stored up some where so they will not starve right away.

a catapult was used to launch weapons and dead animals/human who had a diease to try to make the people in the castle come out and surrender but a bad thing about that is if the people who touched them and the people in the castle will die and have a diease and them the castle will be infected.
this is another sieged castle. this picture is unique because you see how the castle is almost all the way destroyed is because the king or lord wanted that castle and the people did not surrender so he tryed to foce them out.
this a closer picture of a catapult.

a catapult is a type of weapon that was used in the middle ages that was a weapon to fling weapons and dead animals and humans to try to get the people out of what ever they are doing.


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