Undergraduate Seniors Courtney, Kyoshi, Corey, Lexey, Carla

Undergraduate Infographic

This infographic, made by Courtney Williams, gives statistics on grad school enrollment and graduation rates. Also included are quotes from graduating seniors.

May 2017 & Beyond

Kyoshi Robinson compiled this photo series that features ten graduates from Mississippi State University and Jackson State University.

Graduating Seniors, by Lexey Monceaux

Coming soon to college campuses across the globe are scenes of graduates walking across a stage, shaking an important person’s hand with a smile a mile wide stretched across their face, and being momentarily blinded by the flashing cameras coming from what seems like all around. What follows immediately after are hugs and tears, promises to stay in touch, and pictures of caps being tossed into the air. But now comes the seemingly daunting task of going out into the world and fulfilling those plans that these graduating seniors have poured over for the past year if not longer. These plans come from four or more years of undergraduate study, and have been shaped and molded by the experiences had by these individuals; classes succeeded and failed, jobs, shadowing, officer positions, committees, professors, trips, internships, a plethora of occurrences that have shaped the person that is walking across that stage. But, what are these options that are available as the next step for these new members of the “real” adult world?

Of course, there is the obvious option, a job. Going immediately into the field they have spent the last four years preparing for. This is what Kasie Lennon, a graduating senior from Mississippi College, originally from Hoover, Alabama, leaving with a degree in Math Education for grades K-12, hopes to accomplish. Her plans have already started, with applications and resumes having already been sent off to several schools all over the Birmingham, Alabama area. Lennon has hopes to know where she will be placed before mid-summer, so that a house or apartment can be lined up as well, but for now she is headed back home. Kasie Lennon will not be the only graduate heading back to home territory, but for others it is not to immediately jump into a career, but to continue training. Ashlyn Delisle is graduating from Mississippi College with a degree in International Studies. Her experiences over the last four years have developed within her a want to pursue work within a ministry context, because of this Ashlyn has decided to intern with a church in Memphis, Tennessee, her home town, for at least a year to gain ministry experience and learn what it means to work for a church full time. But, internships do not have to be in one’s home territory, at least not for Brittany Burgess. Burgess will be moving from Clinton, Mississippi, where she has been pursuing a degree in Psychology to Beaver Falls Pennsylvania, right outside of Pittsburgh to work at Geneva College as a Residence Director, while also continuing her education by pursuing a Master’s degree in Higher Education. Following this path Burgess will be able to see what it is like to work for a professional staff within a college. She credits her love and want to pursue this career path to her three years working with college students as a Resident Assistant with the Residence Life Department at Mississippi College. These continuing journeys are just a few of the many that will be begun by graduating students all around the world. Many will find that their plans have fallen through, some will delve into their next stage and flourish, others will take a chance and travel and experience new places, and still others will hand over their coming years to more schooling, or potentially the military. Whatever their plans are, whatever comes their way, it can only be said that the options and experiences of the coming years for these graduating seniors will be closely watched by those that will be following their footsteps in one years’ time.

Senior Audio Story

Carla Taborda interviews three seniors about their plans for after graduation.

Seniors' Next Step

In this video story, Corey Rholdon interviews various seniors involved with athletics about their post graduation plans.


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