I Win You Lose How our children are groomed to gamble: A Web-SERIES

Australia... The Sporting Nation and the sports-betting nation. We have more opportunities to gamble than any other country in the world. Gambling in Australia is everywhere to be found, from our community sports and RSL clubs, our pubs and hotels and our sporting events to our TV screens, radio shows, iPad games and phones.

The exposure of our kids to gambling is so great that the old schoolyard lines of "Bet ya you can't...Bet ya I can" have been replaced with discussions of the odds on Aussie sporting teams. These current social trends are creating the next generation of gamblers, and sports betting is the fastest growing of all.

I Win You Lose is a gutsy nine-part web-series which will raise awareness about the unseen yet pervasive issues involving children and gambling. Suited to all ages from 3 to 103 we particularly welcome adolescents and young adults to watch, engage, ask questions and challenge the concepts in this series. To understand how absolutely anyone, ourselves included, is at risk of catching the gambling bug.

“Problem gamblers” are often stigmatised as being “weak willed” or having a mental illness, yet gambling is now officially classified as an addiction. Just as exposure to drugs and alcohol can become so, exposure to gambling and the changing effects of dopamine in the brain, means everyone is potentially at risk of becoming addicted. Although problem gamblers are a very small percentage of all gamblers (less than 5%), they raise 40 % of all gambling revenue – a fact not lost on the gambling industry.

This series truly is a “David and Goliath” story with all the controversy of uncovering the actions and intentions of those in power. Let's make our children wise to their persuasion and manipulation, give young people the power to gamble responsibly and to know the consequences of letting it go too far.

Creator and Director of this web-series Joni Tooth, under the auspices of The Chrysalis Foundation, a not for profit organisation providing support to problem gamblers, carried out extensive research with both a whole range of leading academics and experts in this field, as well as with people whose lives had been destroyed by gambling. However what is frequently overlooked is that it is often children that suffer from the “collateral damage” of serious gambling – family violence, family break up, serious mental health issues and poverty.

The compilation of research, advice and people’s lived experiences, resulted in this short and gutsy nine part drama series. “I Win You Lose” portrays the lives of a typical Aussie family: mum, dad and two kids – Millie and Oscar, around whom the series revolves. By fast tracking their lives through their childhood years to young adults, we see how exposure to the constant marketing and advertising from the gambling industry, create repercussions that can have dramatic and terrible effects.

Joni lead a talented team including writer Roger Joyce, Director of Photography Peter Washington and Senior Music Composer Francoise Ogier as well as a fabulous cast of actors including Brett Swain, Sarah Sutherland and Michael Shanahan, culminating in the creation of the I Win You Lose series.

So please watch, share, comment, engage with us (and each other) and spread the word far and wide. Let's get this important information into our schools, our sporting clubs, our universities and out into the community at large. Let's face the elephant in the room and as a collective, admit that we need to work together to protect the next generation at risk of being exposed and then succumbing to problem gambling.

We hope you enjoy I Win You Lose and perhaps become a little more aware of the subtle grooming of young people that takes place to create the next generation of gamblers.

Please share the links below through your networks, your schools, your doctors' offices and your workplaces. Let's beat the gambling bug and the forces that drive it... let's win so our children don't end up losing.

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