Augie Gentry 3305 Final Portfolio

The concepts that I will be focusing on will cover typographical hierarchy, design choice (and the purpose behind it), and theme. These will be the main points that I will be discussing throughout my portfolio and to help the reader fully understand the choices that I have made along through the semester.


While this was just a simple exercise to introduce yourself, this was actually a very clever project to come up with interesting choices and content when trying to affiliate these as an expression of ones self. I did learn something relatively valuable when making this video, and that was to find ways around limited programs such as the video. There was no clear theme that I enjoyed and the audio from my computer was relatively different. This exercise helped me to come up with new ideas to not necessarily work around the problems but to work with what you have with the problem, and in my opinion the old time announcer was the perfect response to the faulty audio sound.


Resume 1

Resume 2

the overall objective was to come up with a resume that I thought would be good to submit for a particular company. Considering that I wanted to become involved in comics and cartoons, I wanted the resume to become much more creative and visually appealing. Considering that I'm pretending to be hired into an animation company, showing design and art was just as equally important as showing the information in the resume. The first one was much more visually appealing and didn't create any visual competition between the text and the design. However, the second one had too much going on in the picture, even if the background's opacity was low. I learned that when creating a resume, its best to be as simplistic as possible so that there are no distractions so that there is a clear indication of hierarchy and typography.


while the resume mostly focused on typographical functions and hierarchy, the logo project mostly incorporated design typographically and visually. The purpose of this project was to come up with a visually interesting design and include typography within the logo itself either separately or as a part of the design. The one bonus about the project is the freedom that this has when coming up with a completely random logo, which means you can come up with any kind of scenario. The scenario that i came up with was a bar that served humorous drink names. This was the result of the idea. while the logo is more visually interesting rather than typographical, it brought back old techniques that I haven't done in quite a while.


The info-graphic project was a perfect balance of typographical and visual design and brought it all together. The objective was to make an info-graphical design that was designed around a data set that I was able to freely choose and test our organizational skills with the project as well as come up with an interesting design around the overall data . The data contained the stats of every Pokemon in the first generation. This project made me better understand the relationships with design and data, and really challenges the person to make the data both informative and visually interesting at the same time.


the overall conclusion of the class was that it made me truly understand the importance of design choice, placing information in an interesting or visually appealing way and to tackle the different types of information and design choices. The projects carefully tackled different components such as the typographical hierarchy and design with the Resume and the visually interesting and stylish design choices with the logos and combining the two lessons into one projects that tackle both objectives a the same time with the info-graph.

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