Good Life Tour of the Harn Mariajose Guerra

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: What was most striking to me about this painting was the colors that were used and the direction of this painting. To me this painting represents unity, as if everything is coming together because of the ways the colors are mixed one into another in a rainbow sort of manner. This art work made me feel happy because it comes from my roots since it is a Cuban artist's art work, and my parents are Cuban.
Design of the Museum: This wing of the museum was the Asian wing. The use of of space and the arrangement of the art made it feel is if it were very important - sacred art. This wing of the museum made me feel content because it took me back to the trip that I took to Beijing. All over Asia there are sacred temples like ones demonstrated on this wing.
Art and Core Values: The "Dancing Ganesh" from India, is an important representation of Hinduism. This sculpture represents hardness and rigidity. This art appeals to my core values because being strong has always been important to me. This art work makes me feel happy and it helps me believe in always being strong no matter what the circumstance is.
Art and the Good Life: This artwork conveys a good life because it is a picture of New York City. This specific city is an amazing representation to me of the good life because it is where I have had one of the happiest moments in my life. I love to travel there for fun and when I was younger I used to travel there every summer for dance national competitions.

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