Love, Lucy ...

Ciao! Hallo! Gutenberg Tag! Well, well, well I've made it to my second of four countries of spring break and I just couldn't hold myself back from ~blogging~. As I sit here in my hostel bunk in Munich, Germany, I write to you, my people, about my most favorite city of all cities , our little Eastern European version of Uptown, Minneapolis , AMSTERDAM.

This city was perfect. From the canals and bikes, to the shopping & food (I had pancakes and French fries for every meal) , Amsterdam was one of those "it's not goodbye, just see you later" type of towns. We checked into our incredibly hipster Volkshotel for the first 3 nights of #sb17 and were pleasantly surprised to find a coffee shop, 2 bars, a rooftop terrace equipped with a sauna and hot tub, and overly nice Dutch humans. Spoiled, were we.

Our first day in the Netherlands (which is interchangeably called Holland for reasons still unknown) we did the Rock the City tour which took us through the Heineken experience, a canal tour, and finished at Adams Lookout with a GIANT mechanical swing that looked over the entirety of the city (fear of heights commenced). The Heineken tour had the Guinness one beat with its Disney-like simulation of the beer bottling process, karaoke, deep HAUS music, and Dutch appetizers. W number 1 for Amsterdam. We then proceeded to enjoy our first French fry lunch of the weekend before our canal cruise, where we found our good friend Jeremy, alone and afraid, after being ditched by friends in Amsterdam. You could say he was ecstatic for human interaction with people he knew. Cue a ~girls weekend~ for Game Changer !!

Each morning began with pancakes or bagels thx to my foodie friend Charly, who spends more time researching instagramable restaurants than your average human (blessed to have her, really). My first peanut butter in MONTHS and some blueberry pancakes that could cure any bad mood, I really had nothing to complain about. I just keep peaking with these breakfasts lately & I'm hoping my good luck continues these next 4 weeks of European travel (cross your fingers people).

HIGHSSSSS and lows everybody, here goes nothing.

High: 1. The Keukenhof tulip garden that belongs in a STORY BOOK. If only I could teleport my gma here to enjoy these beautiful flowers with me.

2. Napping in the tulips on a Sunday afternoon after pancakes and pre-milkshake. Literal perfection

3. Speaking of MILKSHAKES. Bulls & Dogs, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Drop a pin. Map yourself here. Drive/bus/hitchhike/fly/click your heels, idc how you do it but you have to go. That is all. (Peep this header photo and re-evaluate your life).

Lows: 1. Leaving. Leaving this perfect city filled with perfect people and perfect places and perfect times. LOW.

2. Making Jeremy tag along for girls weekend... the fake engagement photos, rigged "what are the odds" and posed pictures in the tulips. I'm sorry we did this to you, but you sort of asked for it.

Ft. Monday mornings spent cheese tasting, tulip browsing, and iamsterdam climbing. Ahhh, bliss.

Well people, cheers to spring break with the raddest people I know. Thanks for being fun, ambitious, adventurous, & weird with me. From Amsterdam at sunrise to Germany at sunset, I'm thankful to be bunking with YOU (in our matching floral pajama shorts of course). Goodnight from Munich & ciao bellas!!!

Love, Lucy

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