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Good morning Dear Families,

The past two weeks the children learned about the weather and plants ( plant parts and plant cycle). The also developed new skills to be independent. Enjoy the photos of their hard work.

Children at work

Children learn how to be independent

Putting on coat, socks or shoes, potty training , your little ones are growing up.
I couldn't imagine the children would love this work so much. And the result was awesome. Children were so proud!
Another nice craft activity related to the weather.
This week we learn more about plants, plant parts and plant cycle. The children loved this activity related to seeds.
Flower with coffee filters.
Color hunt in the classroom.
We were so lucky with the weather those past weeks, it was nice to play outside : running in the grass, having fun on the slide, looking for different colors leaves.
The children really enjoyed the healthy snack I prepared for them on Thursday when we talk about fruits and vegetables.
Music time.
Math activities : one to one correspondance, numbers recognition and counting.
This week I introduced the famous Montessori pink tower with 4 cubes and we will had more gradually. The children really enjoy this work.
Children LOVE Pete the Cat and his adventures. I created this activity based on Pete the Cat and his four groovy buttons so the children can practice their fine motor skills.
Stacking and balancing work to practice concentration and fine motor skills.
Matching the different items according to the weather.
Vocabulary card to develop language skills.
Shape recognition work.
A classic but always a hit with dominos.
With this puzzle children practice in different areas : color sorting, shape recognition and size grading.
Children enjoyed the outdoor playground but they also had a lot of fun indoor. we are really lucky to have one of the largest classroom ;)

Reminder :

On Friday 20th we will have our Parent/Teacher conference. I sent you back the confirmation for the appointement, feel free to contact me this week if you need to reschedule.

Have a wonderful day.

Mrs Tatreaux.


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