This is Now The Climate Crisis at Middlebury College

Whether it takes the form of small lifestyle alterations or large-scale destruction, the climate crisis is progressively seeping into the lives of the Middlebury community.

Key Biscayne, Florida: coral reefs around the island are losing color as the ocean warms. Storms and flooding are increasing in severity as the sea level rises. But let's hear it from Nicholas Leshaw (Middlebury Class of 2022):

Mendocino, California: the forest fires have luckily not yet reached this small town in northern California. Yet the community has still felt many of the adverse impacts. Isla Bowery (Middlebury Class of 2020.5) is scared for her town, state, and planet:

Government Camp, Oregon: the winters have grown warmer and shorter, cutting into the community's lifestyle and most fundamental economy. Nate Gunesch (Middlebury Class of 2021) is seeing these losses happen year by year:

Los Angeles, California: over the past decade, this city faced extreme droughts. Miles McQueen (Middlebury Class of 2020), who watched as this drought killed the nature and wildlife around him, worries of what crises are to come:

The climate crisis is present both physically and temporally, not 50 years in the future, not on some far-off continent. This is here and now, and so must your action be. Just as these students are united in their experiences of climate change, the Middlebury community must be in united towards the solution. For your peers, your classmates, and your home: get involved in Middlebury's ambitious environmental initative, Energy 2028.