Slash-burn Agriculture

  • What is- carol
  • When and where was it practiced?- mercedes
  • Where is mainly practiced today?- carol
  • Extra facts- carol
  • What impact had made in the world?- jose joaquin
  • Is this technique successfull? - maria elena
  • MEDC's vs LEDC's- david
What is slash-burn?
Video slash-burn

When and Where was it first practiced?

Slash and burn horticulture is an old form of agriculture estimated to be practiced by 2 hundred to 5 hundred million people around the world still today. This method has been used by many cultures all around the world. Records have shown that it was particularly popular with cultures and areas that favored a wide variation of foods. So farmers/agricultultures who had an excess of land had an affinity to be able to carry out agriculture in an especific way . This method of slash and burn, or “swiddling” as an other name for it. Swiddling, was almost a luxury to those who were able to manage it. However it was not a necessarily easy method of crop production and agriculture. While many today argue that this method is more than outdated and oppose the harmful effects that it can have on the land and surroundings, many have developed alternative methods for these indigenous farmers as a means of survival and profit. Alternatives such as only cultivating a small portion of their owned land in such a method as slash and burn, combined with areas designated for perennial comercial crops, small gardens for vegetables, and useful livestock.

Where is this technique mainly practiced today?

Extra facts

What impact has made in the world?
Deforestation and loss of habitat as and species
Climate change.
Is this technique successful in the areas it is done?

Yes, because it is better than cutting only the trees. This way the soil is fertilizated. Due to the smoke that the burn produces the pollution and the greenhouse effect increases.

Do you think MEDC’s have the right to criticise this farming technique? Why?

How much do MEDC's pollutes?

Slash -burn ecological implications

History of slash- burn


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