Tour of the Harn By Heather hart

This piece is called Acrobata Marroqui by Lorenzo Homar. It was created in 1958 with a printmaking technique. A linocut is created using a linoleum block and carving into the stone to create the image. The textures within the piece are unique to the technique and are hard to notice in a picture. The smooth fluidity of the strokes of color that can only be achieved with the inking of a stone block better convey the motion within the piece. I was really drawn to the abstract shapes of the piece and the cool black and blue hues of the piece. The artwork makes me feel relaxed as my eyes follow the winding paths of the strokes.

This photo was taken in the Asian art wing of the museum, which had the most stunning architecture I felt. The tall ceilings make the room feel immense and I also appreciated how there was natural light pouring into the room from the large window at the back of the room. I also liked how the space had large sculptures laying out across the floor in a way that allowed the viewers to closely interact with them. The garden that was connected to this wing was also beautiful and made me feel like I was in a different place while I was inside it.

The piece that resonates with one of my core values is Do Women Have to be Naked to Get Into the Met Museum? (2012) by the Guerrilla Girls. The core value that I connect to this piece is recognition. The idea that the only way a woman can be shown in such a large museum is by being nude angers me. I was an art major and I know how competitive it is in the art world. The fact that women are still rejected from the art world is something I feel passionate about. This piece does help me better understand why I feel so strongly about this topic. I believe that women deserve the same respect and recognition that men receive from the art community.

The four pieces that I am standing next to are a part of Coffee Portfolio (1954) by Rafael Tufino. I think this piece conveys the good life theme of seeking and working towards happiness. The first three prints show the people hard at work, but the last piece in the bottom right corner shows what the fruits of their labor have amounted to. They are able to celebrate with their community and embody the good life. The people look happy and I think that happiness is one of the most important aspects to having a good life.

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