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Spotify passwords, kind of difficult

Password resents are generally not a big deal, but if you have ever attempted to reset your Spotify password, you know it's not easy. This may seem like a mundane story, but it is a harrowing experience, which can be barely completed. Resetting a password is supposed to be a little difficult, to prevent people changing other's accounts, but Spotify makes it almost impossible. The confirmation emails do not always come, and the links are not always valid. It takes at least ten minutes longer than it should, and it sometimes sends multiple password change emails, only one of which works. In short, it is not easy, more difficult than even a Gmail password.

B2 Wins 39-6

Indian Hills B2 basketball team defeated Westridge Middle School on Wednesday, it was a blowout victory. Star player Luke Tsaur scored 12 points, but can't remember how many 3s. He says "It was one of my best games, and i'm proud of my performance." His inspiration for playing is a studnet named Raymond Hu. "When we're behind, I just think of Raymond and it causes me to do better." It was a solid game, and a good way to end the season.

Final point of the game

Logan, Pretty Good

Movies rated R are usually gory, and Logan is no exception. It is a unique superhero movie, with a sadder and deeper plot. It is the last movie for the two actors who made the franchise great, and is more violent than the usual PG-13 Xmen films. It is 2 hours and 21 minutes of future memes and face stabbing. It is not a comedy, 80 percent a superhero movie, and 20 percent face stabbing. Though the movie is quite long, and quite violent, it left me saying "hey, that's pretty good." Online it averages 80-90 percent ratings, or 4.5 out of 5 stars, and I quite agree with those ratings.

Actual picture

Minnesota Trip Canceled

Most trips over Spring Break are to warm or tropical locations, but Minnesota is the opposite. The weather may be less hot, but it is still fun. Being with friends you have not seen in a while is great no matter where you are. Leo Messer was supposed to spend three to four days there, until illness and busy schedules canceled it. Staying home for Spring Break is not horrible, but it is unsatisfactory for anyone.

Summer Visit

In late June, Leo Messer will board a flight to Boston, Massachusetts. It is a trip he and his mother have made almost every year. From Boston they will board a train for and hour and fifteen minutes to Rockport, Massachusetts. "The first thing I do when we arrive, before even unpacking, is walk to the ocean", says Leo's mother. The ocean is half a mile away, and through the backyard is a stream from a pond fed by the ocean. A favorite way to pass the time is walking to the bagel shop downtown by the pier. The trip this year promises to be the best yet, Leo and his mother agree.



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