"There is a solitude of space" Emily Dickinson


She is all alone in her own living space. The sea is alone. And there is a part of aloneness in death. And that is what she is experiencing. But society is still going on outside. And the dividing wall of society and self. A souls trust to itself.


In places and situations you are alone. And you can see it in other ways for example she puts in the poem the sea. The sea is an example of imagery because the sea is just a big open space. And death, your alone with yourself. But also she says "That polar privacy" when she is alone all by her self. She realizes what being alone is all about. When you are alone you can reflect different parts of the world. She deals with it by analyzing what being alone is all about, and figures out we are all alone. She uses a lot of repetition to emphasize the aloneness. And once we figure it out we will not be alone.


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