GoKart Zack newsome Period 3 Red team

When we first got our prompt for the project, we started by researching some design ideas that other people came up with, like the pictures above.

We then searched the internet and made use of previous projects to come up with ideas for the different parts that we can implement in our project.

These are different sketches we compiled for our base, steering and breaking. We plan on using the plywood and 2x4's to make these parts.

This particular picture is of the final sketch of our base.

This is our first break design in which we planned on using a spring and pedal to close down on the wheel. We eventually neglected this idea.

These final two pictures are early ideas of steering. These designs are typically used in actual gokarts.

This is the part that I made that will be connected to the base, behind the seat and will hold the drill in place while it turns the wheel.

This glide show is of the day we took my bike apart in order to get wheels and the chain.

To get the chain off, Sean cut one of the rods in the bike using the sawzall.

We eventually got this whole system off of the bike. We plan on using the gear as part of our throttle system.

Lately we've been focusing a lot on steering. Instead of the original idea, we plan on going with the string idea, where the two ends of the string attach to the axle and then spin around PVC connected to the steering wheel.

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