Uganda By: charles boDine


Uganda is located on the equator, and the right of the prime meridian so Uganda is located in the north, south, and eastern hemispheres.

Uganda has many bordering countries. Here's a list: The Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, and South Sudan

Like all other countries, Uganda has a capital called Kampala. The city of Kampala's coordinates are: 0 degrees, 31 degrees east.

Kampala. (Up)

Physical Features

Uganda is in the Tropical zone of the world. The tropical zone is found in between the Tropic of Cancer, and the Tropic of Capricorn. The middle of Uganda runs into the Equator so obviously, Uganda is in the Tropical zone. 

There are some pretty important physical features in Uganda. Such as The Great Rift Valley. The Great Rift Valley was made by 2 divergent plate boundaries moving away from each other. Lake Victoria also is in Uganda. Lake Victoria is the source of the Nile River.


Uganda has a large population for such a small country. 37.9. The world rank of Uganda is 35. That is a large amount of people.

Uganda has a lot of people, so that means that they will have a large amount of people per square mile. They have 439 people per square mile.

The growth rate of Uganda is 3.29% of the population of Uganda in one year.

Every country has 5 large city's. Uganda's are: Kampala with a population of 1.507 million, Gulu with a population of 152,276, Then Lira with a population of 99,059, Jinja with a population of 72,931, then last in line is the city of Mbarara with a tiny population of 79,157.

Jinja is the top right, Lira is in the middle, and Guru is the last to the right.

I believe Uganda is an even mix of rural and urban because, they have many small city's but, they don't have any roads, cars, ext.

Immigration can be both a good and a bad, this brings us to the net migration rate of Uganda is -.76 migrants. So this means Uganda has people wanting to leave their country.


I think Uganda is a developing country because, the literacy rate of Uganda is 73.2%, while compared to the USA's rate is 99%. I also thing Uganda is a developing country because the GDP per capita is only 1,500 USD. Finally I think Uganda is a developing country because the life expectancy in Uganda is 54, while in the USA its 70


Uganda has 5 main languages they speak. English, Ganda, Luganda, Swahili, and Arabic.

Uganda also has 3 main religions. Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Muslim.


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