Marriage & Family Therapist Morgan cherry

Job Description: They are trained professionals in mental health, psychotherapy, and family systems. They diagnose and treat mental, emotional, and behavior problems in families, couples, and individuals.

Duties: They provide family-focused treatments in order to have the best outcome for the problem. They listen to clients and teach them skills to deal with sexual and substance abuse, crisis situations, divorce, death, and other difficult situations. They also will work with family physicians, psychiatrists, and social workers to come up with the best solution.

Qualifications: Must have a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. They also have to complete two years of supervised clinical experience.

Job Outlook: This job is expected to increase 19% by the year 2024. This is because people are becoming more comfortable with talking to people about their problems.

Salary: Average is $48,000 a year.

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