Building Legends Beyond Average

What is a Legend?

Is it statues and scripture?

These things crumble and return to the earth

A legend is a stamp on time.

Exceeding the imaginable, creating hope for the people around them and becoming something that surpasses the human form.

Legends are built, not born

Forged from Principles, Effort and Hard Work

Sculpting Flesh into Stone

Pushing the body to its maximum in all areas of ability

Sharpening the Mind

No subject off of limits, discovering with an open mind to understand the Cosmos

Pressing on into the future

Exploring the Unknown and blazing the trail into the future that they see, not the one that is laid out before them.

A legend is unafraid of the unknown and more afraid of falling into obscurity. The idea of a life spent idle is far scarier then a life of action and adventure. The idea of going with the status quo, being formed into the concrete of society in both action and thought is abhorrent, comparing to the thought of a early grave. This is the life that we want. Building Legends is movement to create a community of like mind people who want to grasp the life that was gifted them and make it something worth etching into chronicles of history


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