John Newton by chance mcgaughey

he was born July 24,in wapping ;London
He was son of john newton sr. and Elizabeth was the only daughter.
His hobbies- He loved to preach to people, he also loved to sail in the sea with his father as a young child.
Educational experiences- It doesn't quiet say what school he went to but it says that he did go to school.
He was a preacher and slave trader, although he wanted to change, he didn't want to be a slave trader but he was anyway to make money. But he did spread the word of God to many African Americans and some of the crew. He was married to Marry Catlett. Newton adopted his two orphaned nieces, Elizabeth and Eliza Catlett. He eventually quit and made stories about slave catching and told people it was wrong so he made 'thoughts upon a African slave trade '.
He served his mission trip because he was very upset with slave trading so he became a preacher to change his ways. After leaving the sea for an office job in 1755, Newton held Bible studies in his Liverpool home. Influenced by both the Wesley's and George Whitefield, he adopted mild Calvinist views and became increasingly disgusted with the slave trade and his role in it. So in In 1787, Newton wrote a tract supporting the campaign, 'Thoughts upon the African Slave Trade'.
He wrote many books after retiring from being a slave trader he also wrote songs too. And one song is 'how sweet the sound of Jesus sounds'
He wanted to spread the word to many other people by making his songs and books. In 1769, Newton began a Thursday evening prayer service. For almost every week's service, he wrote a hymn to be sung to a familiar tune
Another award was that he is the creator of amazing Grace. Newton later combined 280 of his own hymns with 68 of Cowper's in what was to become the popular Olney Hymns. Among the well-known hymns in it are "Amazing Grace,".
Quotes he made 'God sometimes does his work with gentle drizzle, not storms'. bible verse- Luke 11:13- If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!”
other facts-when he finally became priest before he had a horriable illness and when he became a well known one he couldn't hear or see because of his illness.
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