Youth Group

Youth group will be starting back up on

Friday 1/29 at 7pm

at the Jung's. This term will go for 8 weeks each Friday until 3/19. Each week, we'll gather together to study the Bible and do some activities together.

In the meantime, a group of the youth will be reading through the Book of Mark in January.

If you are interested, contact Hammy (hammyhan@gmail.com)

Calvary Institute

Calvary Institute is starting 2 new classes January 25th:

1. People of the Word

Led by Jodi Hasbrouck + Janelle Fabrizio

This focuses on how to study the Bible and make the Word a part of your daily life. It will be on Zoom, Sunday mornings before church.

Contact Jodi Hasbrouck for more information: (320) 492-1543

Calvary Institute cont...

Calvary Institute is starting 2 new classes January 25th:

2. Bible 101

Led by Isaac Mahoney

It's a great class for new believers, people who have never studied the Bible more seriously, or those who just want to learn! It will be Wednesday afternoons at 1:30pm, and Wednesday evening at 7pm. All meetings will be on Zoom.

Contact Isaac Mahoney if interested: (641) 425-2539

"Let's Unpack That"

Monday nights | 7:30-9pm

Have questions? Want some deeper discussion? Pastor Isaac is hosting "Let's Unpack That", an opportunity to ask tough questions and discuss them together. Zoom in for a bit, stay for the whole time, or listen to the recording later!

Sermon series

Be a Church for All Nations

In November we emphasized Adoption month and heard testimonies.

In December we’re doing a Christmas series, “The Royal Names of the Royal Child.”

In January we’re going to focus on how to “Be a Church for All Nations.” What is our identity as Christians and how do we welcome others into our church?

In February, we’ll be back to Acts.


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