Theseus and the Minotaur Henry Malesker

Theseus was the son of Aegeus, the king if Athens. Theseus was on a mission to to slay the Minotaur so the town would not have to sacrifice people. His father was heartbroken, but he did it to save the people. Theseus told his father that he would sail with black flags on the way, he would change them to white on the way back. If he did not change them, that means that he did not survive. When he got to the island, King Minos's daughter fell in love with him. At night, King Minos's daughter snuck out and gave Theseus a spool of thread so he wouldn't get lost. Once he found his way to the Minotaur, it was not too easy of a fight. He stabbed his sword into the beasts chest. Theseus quickly followed the thread back outside to return home. In a hurry he set sail to the sea, but he forgot to change the colors of his flags! Once he arrived to Athens, his father saw the black flags, he was so sad that his only son had died. He went to the top of his building and threw himself off the roof. The people were freed from feeding the beast and Theseus became the king.


Created with images by Tobias Bomm - "Minotaur of the Beastmen 1"

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