Weekend Wrap Up Doing work and not sucking at it

Team, Killer week! Thank you guys for your participation and cooperation with new processes in place. Change is never easy, but it’s a necessary evil, and I appreciate those of you who have taken these things on as a personal challenge.

Breakouts / Focus Groups

I had a great time meeting with you guys this week and hearing your ideas and concerns. Your honesty is huge to me. Thanks for the many great suggestions. I’ll be working with Eddie and Brandon in the coming weeks to implement what we can.

Bill was huge in helping to determine that we are wasting a lot of money on our current floor heating system. He took some time, put real numbers down, and suggested a solution. You will see Ditra heat mat rolling out very soon as opposed to floating leveler over hot wire systems. Thank you Bill for backing up a gripe with a real life solution!


You are IRG. Each one of you has vested interest in this company. What would you like to see us improve on? What ideas do you have for process improvement, brand strength, and customer satisfaction? Let’s hear those ideas! Get them to me, and I’ll help you get them upstream to Matt and Andrew.

Team Strength

I feel like you guys are family to me, but I don’t want us to perform like a family. I want us to perform like a college football team; everyone working their hardest in their place to help us win! Just like in sports, I’ll provide you with the training needed to succeed and win. On that, I have just a few notes:

You’re either helping us win or bringing us down. You know where you are at. Ask for pointers in the areas that you struggle. Never stop pushing to be better.


A good team has to always be recruiting. You guys are the best salespeople for this team. If you know of someone who would fit this team and be an asset please have them fill out an app and then let me know who you sent to the website so that I can pull the resume.

Hard work fixes everything

If you are working your butt off and you are failing, we have one of two problems:

1. You’re putting the wrong emphasis in the wrong area

2. You’re overloaded

Either way come talk to me. If you feel like you are failing you probably are and we can only improve from here!

Wrap up

Our team is stronger than it’s ever been. We have resources like no one else. We have collaboration and cooperation like I’ve never seen in the work place. You guys blow me away. . . That being said – I want us to be better! How can you help our team be stronger? Pick one personal improvement, and attack it. When you excel at your area the team shines brighter. Each PM servicing each builder, and managing each installer to the best of their ability is what I want, and I want your ability to grow. I want you to be stronger on Monday than you are today. If I can help you with any resources or training to get you to the next level let me know. We have PMs on this team studying English, grammar, composition, tile, cabinetry, leadership, Spanish, wood, and many other topics. If you aren’t currently studying something to make you better get with me. Let’s pick a topic and get on the road to bettering yourself and contributing more to this team.

Blessed to have you guys down South! Have a great weekend!

Picks from Peak to Peak highway in Estes. Get out there and enjoy it this weekend!


Personal shots Peak to Peak in Estes Park, Colorado

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