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Name five then tell what make you download them, what needs do it meet, and what is the purpose.

  1. WhatsApp: I download it because it is a very practical ways of communicating with your friends and family, and it can be use with wifi. The purpose is the easy communication between devices.
  2. Netflix: I download it because it was a lot of tv shows and movie that i like. It help when you are bored and want to see a movie, or in your free time.
  3. Instagram: I download this app because i can see the pictures of my friends for example when they go in trips. An it can help you to know where your friends have been and also as a communication system.
  4. Twitter: This is one of my main sources were i am alert of what i happening in my surroundings, it helps you to have information and to be in contact with friends you don´t see often.
  5. Snapchat: it is very entertaining because it is like you are watching live what your friends are doing, it helps also to communicate between friends and maybe to know new people.


Brainstorm ideas for an app.

  • You can see Tv shows and movies.
  • While you are watching you can have a chat with friends discussing what is happening in the movie.
  • Not only thing to watch but also like games.
  • You can post your thoughts in some movies.
  • And mark in the movie your favorite parts.
  • Play the games online.
Lesson 3: STRINGS

I want to focus in all audiences, all ages, all nationalities, maybe have restrictions depending on the ages but it can be an app for all audiences.

Lesson 4: Hello, world!

Rank the in terms of their UI design. Why?

  1. Snapchat: I rank this app the higher because i like a lot how their app its distributed and also because it is very friendly user app. It is very easy to understand were all the options are.
  2. Instagram: Instagram is in second place because just like snapchat it is very friendly app were you can find a lot of options and every time the are putting new things in the app, and they are very fun to use.
  3. Twitter: I put twitter in third place because it is one of my favorite apps, maybe a thing that I don´t like is that the options to modify your user the are not that easy to find and when someone is new to the app it is a little difficult to figure it out.
  4. Netflix: Netflix is in fourth place because although it is a very entertaining app, i don´t like the way all the pictures of the movies and series are arranged all together, it is god that they are by genres but it is a little confusing.
  5. WhatsApp: WhatsApp it in the last place because the menu of the settings it is very confusing and in personal experience at first in was very confusing to set your user.
Lesson 5. First App

Which ideas stand out for you?

  • While you are watching you can see you can have a chat to discuss whats happening.
  • Post your thoughts of movies.
  • Mark your favorite part of the movies.

For those standout ideas, what problem or purpose does each of them address? Can the problem really be solved with the app?

  • They solve the problem that if you didn´t understand a part of a movie someone can explain it to you in the chat.
  • You can see if a movie its entertaining and if the users recommend to see it.
  • If you don´t have time to watch the whole movie just see the favorite parts of the user.

Will your app be disruptive? What can your app do better than any other apps?

Yes, i think my app can be better than other apps because has very cool features and it will be very entertaining for the users. All the movies and shows, chats, games, friends.

Lesson 6: Functions.

App name: LiveFun

Problem: Help people to be entertained and chat with friends.

My app will: Have series, Tv shows, and games to play live with friends and chat at the same time.

because: If we can combine to see series and tv shows and chat at the same time with your friends it is very fun. And also you can play.

Lesson 7: BoogieBot.

Accelerometer: This can be useful to make sure if the person that its watching or chasing its not driving because this can be dangerous.

GPS: This can help to know were are the people that your are charing or playing with.

Camera: This can be useful if you take a picture of scene of a movie or if you are in a place where the movie was filmed you can uploaded to the app so other people can see it.

Touchscreen: This app will be available por Computer and Mobile devices so the touchscreen will be in use when it is on an iPhone or iPad. This will help to go forswear in a movie for 10 second when you double tap the screen and when you triple tap it will go back 10 seconds.

Lesson 8: Constats and Variables.
  • Live chat with friends, while you watch a movie or play.
  • Livestreams from other people giving your opinion about the movies.
  • Have like a FaceTime feature in the app so you can talk with your friends.
  • Use te Gps to put from where are you watching and know what language you use.
  • Use the accelerometer to put a cautions sign if you are driving.
Lesson 9: Types.

You can watch movie on Netflix, Claro video, or youtube. In tube you can comment.

You can lifestream and talk on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

You can chat with a camera in Facebook, Snapchat, and in FaceTime.

You can put or see where you are chatting from, for example in Facebook, instagram or twiter.

The accelerometer is used in Pokemon Go if you are going fast it asks if your a passenger, in snapchat to put like a filter with the velocity.

Lesson 10: Parameter and results.

- One of the main features in the design will be that at the top of the app you will have a thing with all the options you can do. For example, add friends, see your already added friends and when was their last connection and what were they watching so maybe you can watch the same thing and discuss with them about that when they are online again. You will have the sections of movies and the section of series. In each section there are more sections were you can see the news movies, most viewed movie, better rated movie, and also by genre. The part on the top where all the options are it will be very visible for the user and also a different color from everything else so it is easy to identify. We can use the depth to put them as buttons.

Lesson 11: Making decisions.

Find an app that has an appealing icon. What makes it appealing?

Asphalt 8: Airborne, I think this icon is very attractive because it shows a very cool car in the icon and it seems that it is going vey fast, also we can see that it is a very good quality job of doing the icon, so it can be very appealing to the users to download it.

Find an app that gets you right into the action. What did it do to engage you

Clash Royale, I think this an app that takes you right into the action, also when you are using it for the first time, i immediately takes you to battle, you done have other option and it give you your cards and teaches you how to use them.

Find an app that provides a good on boarding experience. What did it do to explain itself or to get you excited?

I think Clash Royale can take this place again because right when you use the game for the first time it takes you to battle and you can see that an text pops up plaining every thing you need you need to know to fight and also when you finish the battle and you go to the menu it tells you how to use it and it is very colorful and interactive menu.

Hour of code Activity.

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