The Book Of Ezra cleansing and rebuilding

King Cyrus believes that God has given him all the kingdoms of the earth (Ezra 1:1-1) and so orders that the temple should be rebuild in Jerusalem. But rebuilding of the temple was delayed due to the people who were not allowed to participate In the rebuilding of the temple (Ezra 4:1-4).

King Darius made a decree to allow for the temple to continue to be rebuild as decreed by King Cyrus. (Ezra 6:1-4). It was finally finished and the people of God from Israel were filled with joy and celebrated the finishing of the temple (Ezra 6:16).

The priest Ezra offered prayers to God and felled ashamed for the many sins that the people of God had committed. He ordered a cleansing, and confessions to God. Then the ordered that those who had married foreign wives to let them go so that they would stop offending God. (Ezra 10:11)


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