Taking on Tallahassee The Eagle Eye covers the rally for education funding in Tallahassee, Florida

Photo by Bryan Nguyen

Video created by Darian Williams

The Florida education association and Florida Gov. Ron Desantis propose competing plans to raise teacher salaries (infographic)

Rally participants get creative with their protest posters (photo gallery)

A photo timeline of the day's events

Teachers 'Take on Tallahassee' to rally for better funding and pay (article)

The events the lead to the rally in Tallahassee, Florida (article)

Sixteen education activists spoke at the education rally in Tallahassee, Florida. Read highlights from eight of their speeches. (quote collection)

Teachers, parents, students and supporters traveled across Florida to attend the rally in Tallahassee, Florida. Hear what they had to say (quote collection)

The Eagle Eye's Editorial Board supports raising teacher and educational support staff pay (opinion article)

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