MOVIE POSTERS a series of fan made movie posters

about this project

I wanted to challenge myself to create a series of movie posters that were different in genre, but had the same stylistic approach. I also wanted to create a way for it to be both visually appealing in a print setting, but also create an animated version for digital formats to add another layer of interest.

research on the movies

After viewing just about every movie classic, or any movie that makes me think, I love to go on YouTube and listen to movie buffs explain their interpretations of the films. This project was no different, and watching these YouTube videos helped me to begin the brainstorming process.

A few of these are quite lengthy, but I felt they explained the films the best.

thumbails / roughs


I really enjoyed the concept of minimalist posters that still manage to represent or symbolize the entire movie.

Many of these were actually made by the same artist!
artboard progress shot...

animation / digital posters

After the poster design was set, I needed to figure out how to make them animated. I drew out the frames for each poster.

very hectic doodles

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Created By
Abby Broekhuizen

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