America is NOT great... SEMESTER 2 PROJECT

America is not great because of what had happened in the past for example slavery. As well as whats going on right now, President Donald Trump isn't leading our country as one. Half of the people don't like or agree with some decisions that are being made. One example is those with Dual Citizenship weren't allowed to come into the united states.
There was about 12.5 million slaves shipped from Africa between 1525 - 1866. About 1.8 million died in the journey across the Atlantic known as the Middle Passage. Only about 450,000 ended up in north america, 80 percent went to the Caribbean and South america. Slavery is illegal in the united states but yet, still going on around the world as well as racism. It still hasn't stopped. There are still those types of people out there . Its not out of control how it used to be. For example in the picture that is the background for this slide shows how blacks were only allowed to drink from the colored water fountain. If a black were to drink from the whites men only water fountain that could lead to being arrested, jail, beaten , or even killed. Now days there's no slavery in the united states but in others there still could be. In every city or country there is racism. More in others and that is effecting us from being one nation.
Women were expected to clean, wash, fold clothes,"make great coffee for their husband", watch the kids, and have dinner ready on the table before their husbands get home. Women were also seen as weak. It wasn't a ladies place to work or go to school. They were taught as young girls how to be the perfect house wife. They were shown how to properly fold, iron clothes, sewing, etc. Women weren't suppose to talk back to their husbands as well as go agents what they say. Some men would spank their wife to show them who's the man. Women showing men they could do what men do caused the Women rights movements. The recent Women right march was on Saturday, January 21, 2017. Women are perfectly capable of being independent, doing what they want to do and be who they want to. Now days people expect women to work and that's great progress from the 1800s and 1900s. Women could do it all.
President Donald Trump banned those with Dual citizen ship from coming into the united states to try to prevent terrorist attack. By him making that decision hes also blocked out green card holders from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia. 7 countries Donald Trump has temporarily stop immigration from for 90 days. Trump specifically said "This is not a Muslim ban, as the media is falsely reporting. This is not about religion, this is about terror and keeping our country safe." If that was the case then why didn't he ban every state that was trying to come into the united states? Trump is misjudging those who are part of the 7 countries as terrorist. Anyone could attack the united states. Its easier for those who already are in the United States.
Historical evidence: America is not great, there are three reasons listed above. #1: The idea of slavery began in 1619 and ended 1865 , Racism began between 1889 and the early 1920's, somewhat in the 50 – 100. #2: Women were seen as the word "weak" not able to work/do what men do because there "suppose" to stay at home, wash, clean, and cook #3:Because of trump those with dual citizenship weren't allowed to come back into the united states for 90 days. Art Piece: I put my art piece by creating a passport. I took put my information in. I even included the other two reasons why america is not great. Meaning slavery, racism, and women rights

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I created a passport that has all three reasons why america is not great. Its not great because of the problems the Dual citizenship are dealing with not being able to come back to the united states. Racism and slavery that still occur on the bottom of our noses. And because of woman rights, Woman aren't viewed as weak and not they are viewed important/reliable/strong/independent as men .


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