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What it is to be a good citizen?

Everyone has a job in this world.

To be a good citizen is to follow the law of the country and the state that you are in. To be a good citizen also means to pay your taxes and to tolerate people who are different. Too be a good citizen means to follow the rules of laws and just to be a good human being to your family? Don't be mean to other people and tease them and just be positive. Do the tiny things that will make your life so much better, and easier.


What is government and why is it necessary?

Government is a system we use to control and protect our society. Our government uses the rule of law to make sure that everyone has equal rights. For example, when a group of people decide how they want to live and set up laws, they create a government to protect people, homes, and ideas. They write and constitution. It is necessary to have this control because if you don't, there is chaos. In the USA, we use the constitution as a guideline for how people should act in society. We also make sure the laws are enforced.

The preamble of the constitution shares examples of how people should live their lives under a representative democracy style of government.

When creating a government that protects the rights of all of the citizens, it is wise to have separation of powers. In the US, we separate power into three branches: the executive is the White House, the legislative in the Congress, and the judiciary is the Supreme Court.

In conclusion, It is necessary to have government, so that we have better lives and we are safe.


What forces work for and against Supra national coorperation among nations?

There are many forces that work for and against the supranational cooperation in the EU. The euro is a very good example of the centripetal force that works good with the supranational cooperation. For example the EU is a common currency that allows trading and travel.


The Western part is richer than the Eastern part and the Western part doesn't like to share because they feel like that the Eastern part is just using them for the money in the EU. This would be called centrifugal because it is something that pulls them apart.

How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

There are many ways of adapting to life in a dessert like The Sahara. Two of the most important ways that people use are choosing to be nomadic and going through an oasis frequently during their travels. Nomadic people have adapted to life in the desert by living in small groups with less than 100 people. They are also ready to move at any time. All of their things fit on a camel and they can be ready to move in 2 hours. When the nomadic people are in the desert, they need to rest from all the walking they have to do. So they get some sleep every 2 hours and at least one of the Nomadic people will be on watch. An oasis provides many things that the nomads need. When people like the Tuareg go to an oasis, they can find water as well as food. They can also trade for other items that they need because many traders go through an oasis. People living in a desert are resourceful and find ways to adapt by being nomadic and by going through oases frequently when they move around.

Saudi Arabia has a lot of oil and the country has become rich from selling it.

How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Having a valuable resource might affect the region by increasing their quality of life by increasing “Life expectancy” or by allowing the people to be spending more money on being healthier.When a country has oil which comes from deep inside the earth that country can sell it to other countries and they make money.This means that the country’s GDP goes up and with a higher GDP they have money to spend on things like healthcare and medicines and people live longer.Another good thing that happens when a country is made rich from selling oil is the the infant mortality rate goes down.This means that because of better Health and better medicines not as many babies die when they are born.This means that because of better Health and better medicines not as many babies die when they are born.The increase of life expectancy and the decrease in infant mortality are two positive effects of a country having a valuable resource like oil.


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