More Than Just a Uniform How ffa members connect with their identity and history through their unique jackets

“The FFA emblem features different symbols of our organization. The owl is a symbol of our adviser that leads us, and the sun is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. It shows the concepts that our organization was founded on.” FFA member Samantha Gambonini said.

“The Jackets have been passed down from generation to generation starting years ago.” FFA member Ethan Wilson said.

Top: A group of FFA members walk away from their convention wearing their uniforms. Every member of the FFA get a uniform upon initiation. Bottom Left: FFA members Ethan Wilson, Samantha Gambonini, and Lucy Burris proudly sport their jackets at the FFA convention. Each jacket has the owner's name printed on the front. Bottom Right: Vice President Samantha Gambonini wearing the "Believe" badge on her jacket. The message of the badge has many meanings among the members of the FFA.

“Our jackets say ‘Agriculture Education’ on the emblem. In the 60s the emblem used to say ‘Vocational agriculture’ meaning more career based, however we’ve more recently transformed into more educational for high schoolers to create better career pathways for us.” FFA member Samantha Gambonini said.


Finn Corrigan

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