Final Project Ben Potrykus

My group members revising each others papers.

We are revising our rough drafts so that we can hear from others in our group on what they think we need to improve on. From this interaction I learned about some different things that needed to be changed on my paper. through this process I learned revision skills and different problems I consistently have with my writing that needs to be improved on.

Working on the McGraw Hill Connect.

Working on the McGraw Hill Connect took all year and helped to improve grammar and writing skills. This website was very helpful in teaching me different writing skills that I was able to use to help in writing my papers. I wasn't expecting to learn much about grammar. I was expecting to be just writing papers all year, so having this was a nice changeup and it was still very helpful.

The class working on their papers.

We were given work time in class, and everyone was working on their papers. This was a good chance to work on your time management skills and also being able to work in different places with different people around you. Most of the time I am working on papers it is in the library or somewhere by myself. Being in a class room with others working around you is very different.

Researching a topic for unit four.

Using the libraries website to find sources was a different experience for me. I like doing research like this because you know all of the sources are reliable. Usually I would just go on Google and look up information that way but you never truly, know if the sources you are using are reliable. I like using the library as a search engine and will continue to use it in the future.

Revising our unit one papers.

Learning how to revise our own papers will be very helpful in the future. Knowing how to properly look into your work and find the missing elements will be a skill I will use for the rest of my life. It will help in future classes when I have to check over a paper before turning it in. It will also help as a professional because if I ever need to write something up, I will know how to properly check it over.

Free writing during class.

Free writing is a great way to get new ideas for your paper. I have never heard of anything like this before coming into this class. I used it when I was writing a paper and got stuck and couldn't figure out what to talk about. I like the idea of continually writing until you find something useful in your thoughts.

Using research in unit four.

Unit 4 taught me how to decide if I thought a source was reliable. By having to explain why I thought the source was reliable it made me really think on what actually makes a source that way. This skill will be helpful in the future on knowing when I can and cannot trust a source.

Researching our advertisement campaign for unit two.

In unit two we had to analyze an ad campaign. when researching our advertisement campaigns we had to dig through a lot of videos and ads to try and find information that was important to our paper. This skill teaches how to summarize bigger articles and pick out the important ideas.

Halloween activities.

We did an activity where we had to try and convince our group why our assigned character deserved to live during an apocalypse. This was an example of having to take your audience into account. I never realized how important it was to also think about who your audience is until this activity.

Doing short writes before each final paper

Doing short writes in class was a great way to decide what was important and what we needed to write about for our final papers. They were a good way to think about a lot of different variables of what we can write about and try to bring it all in to one final paper.

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