What are the major themes that should guide the implementation of Learner Analytics in order to drive adoption for staff and students and improve student success?
Strategic importance of learning analytics
Theme One: It is not about the technology it's about using the technology to facilitate change.
Learner Analytics provide the tools to look at student data but there needs to be a shared vision.
What does Success Looks Like?
Well designed dashboards and apps provide opportunities to access information and visualisations to those supporting students in the best way but there needs to strategic guidance on what the best way is?
What does retention look like?
What does student engagement mean?
How can the data help you prioritise your KPIs?
Theme One - Strategy - Steering the organisation to a shared vision for learner analytics. Ensure consultation and communication to develop a shared understanding of the change we trying to achieve.
Governance - What problems could we solve? Evidence that it works - Business case
Theme Two. Using the data. Supporting staff and students in getting the best from the data they access.
Training and support structure around how data is presented and management of the process of affecting change based on the presented data. If intervention is needed who intervenes?
Policy - Documented simple statements on how learning analytics will be actioned. How we will use data to benefit the student.

Process - Ensure that there are a set of processes developed around the policies.

Who does what and when?
How is is recorded?
How to we measure its success?

Practice - Train and audit practice to ensure compliance.

Facilitate change when needed
Theme two. Governance-Ensure a multi departmental team governs the implementation of learner analytics. The Policies, Processes and Practices and are written, practiced and reviewed.
Communication & Training - Most people will be happy to engage if the see the benefits.
Theme Three-Support-Design and deliver learning support for the shared vision to all the affected stakeholders.

Support not only of the learning analytic products being used :

Data Explorer-Basic Staff Visualisation
Study Goal-Student App

Data Integration

What data is being used to measure our KPIs
Who owns the different data sources
That data is readily available and captured consistently across the institution
Theme Three - On-boarding- Facilitating the change in culture and practice by embedding the Policy, Processes and Practice into Staff CPD and Student Support Services
Ethics and Legal Issues-Data has Value-We must take this very seriously
Theme Four-Ethical Codes & Legal responsibilities.

Jisc have produced a code practice for institutions to use.

We need to ensure ethical issues around learning analytics are covered by institutional policies

We need to remain mindful of data protection law as we role out Learner Analytic Tools.

Has the data protection officer considered the legal issues around learning analytics data?
Are existing policies and processes adequate to cover legal issues around the data used for learning analytics?
Theme Four-Codes Of Practice-The exploitation of educational data is carried out responsibly, appropriately and effectively.

A quote from the Jisc code of practice is a good shared vision to drive adoption of the use of Learner Analytics for staff and students and improve student success?

"We use data about students and their activities to help understand and improve educational processes, and provide better support to learners. It should be for the benefit of students, whether assisting them individually or using aggregated and anonymised data to help other students or to improve the educational experience more generally. It is distinct from assessment, and should be used for formative purposes."


Jisc Learning Analytics Discovery Readiness QuestionnaireVersion 1.4 Aug 16

Join the learning analytics journey Jisc Digifest 2017

Code of practice for learning analytics Updated: 4 June 2015

Effective Learning Analytics 2014 Jisc and contributors-Using data and analytics to support students-On-boarding Guide


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