Immersive Video new kinds of storytelling in Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop

Put the viewer into the center of the action. Immersive content—from 180 storytelling to full 360/VR—opens whole new worlds of storytelling for artists, designers, and filmmakers. Adobe Creative Cloud gives you the tools to craft and refine immersive video, offering a new level of immediacy for the viewer and transforming events, locations, and storytelling itself, into personal experiences.

The most comprehensive immersive toolset.

Prepare and polish stitched spatial video in After Effects CC, do edits and transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro CC with full VR viewing capabilities, clean up footage in Photoshop CC, add graphics and titling and render final output for 360/VR platforms. All of this, and more, is included with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Edit the way you’re used to with VR video mode in Adobe Premiere Pro and the new VR Comp Editor in After Effects, which transforms equirectangular 360 footage into familiar, flat rectilinear images. The Adobe Immersive Environment in Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to watch the way your audience will, via a headmount display, and scrub and playback content freely.

VR Converter in After Effects freely switches between formats on-the-fly to ensure your content will playback on any platform.

Dynamic Link between Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC makes it easy to refine or clean-up complex shots, or add visual elements. The new Extract Cubemap in After Effects simplifies motion tracking and object removal in 360 video. The VR Converter lets you switch on-the-fly between different immersive formats so you can ensure your final content will play well on any platform. Design immersive motion graphics experiences, using the new Create VR Environment feature, including camera positions - with or without live-action footage.

Immersive display

Editors can now experience the immersive qualities of the content they are editing, review their timeline and use keyboard driven editing all while wearing the same VR head-mounts as their audiences. Navigate the timeline and shuttle playback while using Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and use the keyboard for actions like trimming and adding markers in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Audio Editing

Edit VR content using orientation-based audio, which increases the immersive quality of VR content exponentially. New functionality will enable audio that is determined by your orientation or position to not only be edited but also exported as ambisonic audio for VR-enabled platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Much like VR video in Premiere Pro, the audio will be an explorable 360 representation.

Immersive Effects are designed to work with 360 footage that does not leave artifacts and seamlines. These effects apply evenly across the sphere of the equirectangular image, including the back “seam” where the left and right sides of the image connect.

Immersive Effects

New effects include VR Blur, VR Glow, VR Sharpen, VR De-noise, and VR Chromatic Aberration and add artistry and refinement to immersive footage in both After Effects and Premiere Pro. Designed to work with spherical 360 imagery, the new effects deliver clean results across stitched content, including stereoscopic media, without artifacts or seamlines. After Effects also offers new VR Color Gradients, VR Digital Glitch, and VR Fractal Noise effects. See these features in action for After Effects and check out this tutorial on how to apply them in your next project!

Immersive Video Transitions are designed to help editors and storytellers by providing concepts, and a core toolset, for effects scene shifts within the immersive environment.

Immersive Transitions

Powerful new VR transitions in Premiere Pro extend the editing toolkit for immersive content. VR Transitions help influence the viewers gaze and include VR Iris Wipes, with position and feathering controls, VR Mobius Zoom, which conveys a sense of movement from one setting to another, and VR Spherical Blur, which spin the viewer fluidly to the next scene. With VR Gradient Wipe, you can customize the transition using your own equirectangular images or videos, which can be anything from a simple gradient to a complex logo design. Use stylistic transitions, like VR Random Blocks for customizable block dissolves. Play with light using VR Light Rays, VR Light Leaks, and VR Chroma Leaks transitions to apply subtle touches or dramatic effects to immersive content. See these features in action for Premiere Pro and check out this tutorial on how to use them in your next project!

Adobe's Executive Vice President Bryan Lamkin begins with a look at the future of immersive video, and welcomes Adobe Evangelist Jason Levine to the MAX stage featuring Motion Graphics templates and 360/VR editing with Creative Cloud video tools.

Sneak Peeks: Take a look at some of the technology we're working on.

#SonicScape: SonicScape is a new way to visualize ambisonic audio in 360 video using color particles. This visualization will help video editors see where sound is located in context.

#ProjectSidewinder: Add depth to your videos showcasing different perspectives to make the 3D experience more realistic using alternating viewpoints.

Adobe's Path to VR

Read this three-part series about the role software will play in Virtual Reality storytelling, seen through the lens of Adobe Research and creators. This series includes an interview with now Director of Immersive at Adobe (and former Mettle co-founder), Chris Bobotis.

VR tools in Premiere Pro & After Effects: October, 2017 release.

This Integration chart shows the migration of the SkyBox plug-ins and their name equivalent in the most recent release of Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Mettle's Skybox tools in Premiere Pro & After Effects: older versions.

Adobe has integrated all of the Mettle SkyBox plug-ins into the October 2017 release of Creative Cloud. However, if you are working on an older version of Premiere Pro and After Effects and have not yet upgraded due to current projects, we will make the plug-ins available until April 2018. Please download these plug-ins from our website. NOTE: These plug-ins are already included in the 2018 release of After Effects & Premiere Pro. You do not need a to install these if you have updated to the October 2017 release.

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