Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH by CRistina Martinez

Animals were never my favorite thing but seeing this exhibit truly amazed me. The enormity of these animals was so astonishing. I think seeing fossils and bones in person is the only way you can see and feel the enormity of these animals. It was nothing like seeing a picture or textbook. It was really amazing to see the fossils because have never really enjoyed learning about animals but this time it was.
In the museum there were a lot of windows that allowed us to look into work stations and laboratories were they studied the butterflies. I think by having the butterfly garden they are protecting them. But the museum also goes beyond to research the animals to gain information on them. And it isn't for profit it's for the betterment of the animals and learning about them to educate others. Going through the museum I felt that everyone was there wanting to learn and the museum wants to teach them. I think this makes many people as myself appreciate nature more.
I think the Natural History Museum help us step out of our ordinary lives and into a "storybook" like garden. I think the garden is a beautiful place to forget about the outside world and just appreciate nature. I think being so up close to the butterflies and seeing the great variety is mesmerizing. The vast amount of butterflies is so amazing that you can get caught up for 30 minutes by just looking at the different kinds. I think it is also a good place to reflect about ourselves.

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