TIGER STADIUM a vision for renovations

"Oftentimes its stadium is the heart of a university’s campus. UWA’s Tiger Stadium is centrally located on campus and becomes home to a broad range of memories and milestones, from a quick pose by the bronze tiger during a prospective student’s campus tour to photos in a cap and gown commemorating the ultimate achievement. Between those two dates are countless other experiences in the place where, no matter our discipline, role, classification, or memberships, we are all Tigers. For student athletes, the stadium becomes a second home, the place they spend endless hours that turn into days, weeks, and even years training, practicing, and learning. As we plan the largest renovation of Tiger Stadium since 1978, the significance and needs for the facility grow with each step. The stadium’s role is two-fold— serve and accommodate. Space, efficiency, aesthetics, safety, sustainability, and function are all wrapped into a plan that will create an enhanced gameday environment while also meeting the daily needs of a growing campus."

History of Tiger Stadium

  • Built in 1952
  • 8,500 Capacity
  • 720 Reserved seats added in 1978

Completed: New Turf (May 2020)

In Progress: Steel Perma Cap Plank Seating (July 2020)

“As in the case with most colleges, Tiger Stadium is a focal point of our university’s great campus. Not only is it centrally located on campus but it is the most popular picture location with everything from admission tours to graduation portraits. An upgrade to Tiger Stadium would be beneficial to UWA for a myriad of different reasons. The most obvious benefit is recruiting, when the focal point of a recruit’s time on campus is impressive and upgraded. This would be the case after the renovations occur. The impact on the gameday atmosphere would be of equal importance, as with a positive experience at our home games more fans, students, and alumni are likely to keep coming back. Overall, I feel the stadium upgrade is needed and will prove to show dividends in far-reaching areas.”


Proposed Tiger Stadium Pressbox/Suite Expansion:

  • Proposed Timeline: Start construction on renovation in January, 2021
  • Estimated Cost: $4,086,478


  • Two skyboxes with 12 seats each
  • New Tiger Club Room (3,985 sq. ft)
  • Academic Center (400 sq. ft)
  • Renovation of Pressbox
  • Replace chair back seating
  • Elevator
  • Restrooms for Tiger Club Room and Suites

To make a long-term pledge or other inquires contact:

Coach Bobby Wallace, Director of Athletics

bwallace@uwa.edu // 205.652.3784

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Katie Burrall