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Day 1: Today we continued our research on Sandro Botticelli and his impact on the Renaissance. We also divided up topics among all four group members. Another big thing we got accomplished was our sources page which contains all of our sources up to date.

Say cheese

Day 2: We did more in depth research today and took some more notes. We also brainstormed for our creative piece. We think we are going to wear paint splattered aprons and create a work from Botticelli.

Productivity at its finest

Day 3: On day three we wrapped up our sources list and researched our individual topics. Myles focused on formatting the website in a fun and creative way. Hopefully from here on out, we can start putting together the pieces to our actual project.

Kyle is so focused

Day 4: Today we started the script for our video and made a plan for our creative piece. We are going to make a fire, with various paintings and books being burned. We also have been looking at foods to make.




Day 1: Today we started our individual blogs and brought in materials for our creative piece. Things are going pretty dandy. We are confident in our skills as Botticelli experts.

Thumbs up

Day 2: Today we did some legit work on our creative piece. Myles got coke bottles for the logs, Ben got tea lights. We assembled our logs and cut out the flames. It's coming together.

Arts and crafts

Day 3: Today we updated our sources and worked on our individual blogs. We are coming up with more ideas about our creative piece. We plan on printing log pictures instead of brown paper.

Kyle learned the alphabet today

Day 4: Today we tried to start filming our video. The wifi isn't really cooperating, but we are doing the best we can, making progress. We are wrapping up our individual blogs.

Don't look at me

Week Three


Day 1: Today we got a lot done. We filmed our whole video. We used a green screen. It was pretty cool. Things are coming along. We plan on meeting at Gabe or Kyle's house to make food.


Day 2: Today we finished editing the video. We also cut out flames and used Ben's tea lights. We are almost done with the creative piece, which is good.

Your Uber's here

Day 3: Today we were real artists. We made our palettes with paint in them. We tried to sketch some paintings, but we can't draw. We try though.

Lots of hot singles in your area

Day 4: Today we were short on class time. We can't get too much accomplished, but we can wrap up some minor stuff.

You don't say

Week Four


Day 1: Today we got creative. Gabe discovered the wonders of hot glue guns. Kyle got in touch with his inner artist, and painted "The Birth of Venus". Myles worked on the website some more. He works so hard to make quality content. Shoutout to Myles. He's the best. Hehehe.

"Is it hot yet?"

Day 2: Today we wrapped it up. We made another painting, we assembled the creative piece fully, and we are thinking about the oral presentation.

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