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Gender roles are defined by society. If you look at how both roles were treated you can see relation between the entertainment America’s society consumed and how both genders were treated. For example men were treated as the smarter and stronger gender during the 1950’s. You can see this because the most popular shows at the time were Father Knows Best and I Love Lucy. In both shows you can see how men were treated as a far more superior gender compared to women. Another example you can see if how women started getting into politics early 1990’s and 2000’s. Popular sitcoms and daytime talk shows were Friends, Ellen, and The Oprah Winfrey show. You can see these examples and I encourage the reader to look into it. The correlation between the entertainment that is popular and the way both genders are treated by society.

Women can do what men do. It is important for females to empower each other.

Gender roles can be defined as the role or behavior learned by a person as appropriate to their gender, determined by the prevailing cultural norms. I think that gender roles are very important and that they shouldn't really be attacked. What I mean by that is, that they shouldn't be attacked nowadays. Obviously until very recently in the history of the world women finally have equal rights. There is nothing a man can do that women cannot. Now back to why I think gender roles are so important. Each gender is not equal when comes to certain things. Women are way better at taking care of and raising children. I think there is no question. Some exceptions do exist, but generally women are way better at raising children. When it comes to fighting, men are superior. Still today only men are allowed to go to war and that is how it should be. Men have natural strength that women cannot match. That is nothing to be offended by or mad about, it just nature. I believe that gender roles are important and each gender should realize what the other gender is not generally good at and keep society moving forward.

My whole life I never thought about my gender. It is interesting to be how to others they feel uncomfortable enough to make a change. I remember seeing somewhere that there is 51 different genders someone can choose from. After reading that it made me think harder about gender identity and all these different genders. If someone feels uncomfortable in their gender and want to change, I honestly do not care and they can do whatever they want that make themselves feel better. At the end of the day it is none of my business, but when I read that there is 51 different genders it makes me think that maybe that it just starting to get too much. If someone doesn't feel like a man or woman and wants to identify as something else that’s up to them. As a society I feel we have a problem when people feel so different from the majority of us. How can we allow people feel so uncomfortable from us that they choose one of the 51 genders. I don’t know how big or serious this problem is but we need to work on a solution so that everyone feels comfortable with themselves and with everyone in society. I don't know the answer, but I feel it’s a problem when some people feel so uncomfortable with the rest of us. We need to work on it as a society.

There is no same path for neither man nor woman.

Gender is what you think you are. Male or female. There is no right or wrong answer, some people consider themselves male and some people consider themselves female. It’s your perspective of it. The reason we would separate both genders simply put is because female and male bodies are different. We started creating these categories of female and male. To study both genders this is where the idea of gender roles originate, It is to categorize humans and the two different bodies for studying. Starting off it was not a social construct it was simply for science. The only thing that has changed for gender identity is perspective view point from both gender because in 1950 to 1970 was a time where homosexual, transgender, cross dresser was a treated badly. They were treated as criminals and denied from jobs. It later then became as a disorder. Even between men and women there is a stereotypical role set for different genders. Why must everything be so complicated and unfair. Why can’t we as people treat each other with equality. Why does color and gender make this world unfair. Because someone is different that means we can treat each other unfairly. That is a ridiculous statement.


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