Learning Objective 4 exams: post essay office hours visit

I elected to go to my English professor about the research paper that I wrote this semester. It was a pass or fail assignment and I failed it and I sought to learn from the mistakes I made in an effort to not repeat them. When I went to my professor he gave me an over view of what mistakes I made and how to correct them. He also sent me my essay tagged will specific comments on how to improve my writing. The biggest problem with my essay was the poor choice in sources and poor integration of said sources. Another major problem was that the work seemed rushed, which is accurate.

In order to correct these problems I would start the writing process earlier and give myself more time to really dive deep into the research. If I spread the writing process out over a month or so, it gives me time to create a well-supported, argument with a strong thesis and credible sources. This would give me time to find better sources, and better incorporate them in my work. This is important because having bad sources was one of my major flaws. I was advised to avoid “.com’s” and stick to more academically backed sources. In the future, it would also be beneficial to take advantage of peer review to get feedback and make sure I am on the right track with my work.

Meeting with my professor was very beneficial to my abilities not only in English class but also with my writing in general. It gave me good ideas on how to improve my work strategies on all long-term projects. Meeting with my professor also showed initiative to him, and that I cared about his class. This prompted my English professor to give me a second chance at getting credit for the assignment. He gave me a list of sources that I have to read, summarize and analyze for him. If I complete this second work to his liking, I will receive full credit for the research paper.

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