Marijuana The story of Sharkeesha Browne

Sharkeesha Browne

This is Sharkeesha Browne she is a female and 16. She is a junior at Whitewater High School. She lives in apartment complex Lone Oak across town from her school with her grandma who also smokes weed. Currently, she works part-time at the local Burger King and steals food frequently. However, she only works for her drug addiction. Sharkeesha is addicted to Marijuana as she has been for the past 4 years after her parents were arrested. Her father was imprisoned for second-degree murder and her mother physically abused Sharkeesha as a child. Shortly after the drug uses, Sharkeesha experiences severe anxiety, hallucinations, and short-term memory problems. However, in the long run, she frequently has financial difficulties due to her grandma bringing in only one paycheck each month- from being a drug dealer. She’s always tired and she has trouble in school both academically and socially. She’s always skipping and getting into trouble with the cops and fighting with other girls. On top of all this she got out of a relationship recently because her boyfriend cheated on her 6 months into the relationship with her best friend, whom she doesn’t talk to anymore. The drug abuse has brought her closer to her grandma because they both smoke together. Her social life is in shambles by her only having a group of girls from another town come to her house and chain smoke. Sharkeesha’s friends showed her new ways to take the drug by eating foods infused with drugs, joints, and blunts.

The blunts Sharkeesha and her friends smoke

She started using this drug to help her try and forget her problems, she started smoking with her friend after school every day and coming home high, her grandma didn’t really notice and eventually let her smoke in the house with her friends. She spent just about every dollar she makes, buying weed with it to curb her addiction. On average she spends about $200 dollars a week for her, her friends, and her grandma. She smokes daily, and as does her friends, they all smoke all hours of the night in her apartment and her friends’ houses. Sharkeesha smokes usually everyday. But before her drug endeavor she has never smoked before. Sharkeesha is currently on probation for a recent run-in with the cops for beating up one of her intoxicated friends.In the start, the drugs helped with her depression but now it has turned into a lifestyle but worse - an addiction.

By: Amani Clemons, Lynn Mozeleski, Maddie Tonkin

Created By
AMANI Clemons & Lynn Mozeleski & Maddie Tonkin

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