February Series God's amazing love for us

Week 1

  1. Topic: A Father’s Love
  2. Big Idea of the Message: God loves us because we’re His children and not because of anything we do to deserve it.

Week 2

  1. Topic: A Husband’s Love
  2. Big Idea of the Message: God will not give up on loving us. He’ll chase after us, even when we turn our backs on him.

Week 3

  1. Topic: Dying for an Enemy
  2. Big Idea of the Message: Jesus jumped in front of the bullet for his enemies,something we would rarely do for our closest friends.

Week 4

  1. Topic: Showing God’s love
  2. Big Idea of the Message: God wants to use us to show the world what His love is like.


Created with images by Rennett Stowe - "His Light Shines on Us"

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