Christian Number the Stars Book Diary By Christian


I think war is when two groups of people come together and fight. When war happens it's because the two teams don't like each other.

In world war ll the countries must have not liked each other. One country must of thought they were better and the other one thought they were better.


When I think of neighbors I think of people that might care about you. Sometimes you could have neighbors that don't care about you or anything at all.

If there was a war happening on my street I would try to get all of my neighbors to my house to try to keep everyone safe.

Number the Stars

I think the book will be about the number of people who were in war. The book will show those people that went through war and made it out alive.

Literary Analysis

mama says "Be one of many," I think it means don't be your self try to be someone else. I think mama says that because she dose not want her daughter to let the solders to remember her.

The Johansens would have a bodyguard for the Jews that would try to keep the family safe. The family could be safe so when the Jews try to come in they couldn't.


Man vs Nature

Annemarie was running through the woods trying to find mama when all of the sudden Annemarie feel over a root of a tree. I know it's man vs nature because the tree root made her fall and the tree it apart of nature.

Man vs Man

Annemarie was taking Peter his lunch at the harbor but Annemarie got caught by soldiers and they kept asking her all of these questions. When the soldiers were asking her questions she was telling them what she could think of then she was acting like a girl that didn't know anything that is man vs man.

Man vs Self

A man vs self in the book is when the soldiers came in and Ellen had had to act like she had to be asleep. When she was acting like she was asleep they were hoping that the soldiers wouldn't come in the room and take Ellen.

Man vs Society

Annemarie was standing up for Ellen when the soldiers came into there house to look for the Jewish people. Annemarie was fighting agents 3 soldiers and that is man vs society.


The theme of the book is too try to help everyone no matter who they are. In the book Annemarie was helping Ellen when the soldiers came into there house looking for the Jews. Annemarie was trying to act like she was Ellen's sister to try to save Ellen.

Vocabulary Words

Lanky and stocky

"she was a stocky ten year-old, unlike lanky Annermarie" (page 1)

Based on this sentence, stocky sounds like the word stiff, and lanky sounds like the word loose. These words are describing characters's looks.

Lanky means tall and skinny. stocky means bulky or thickset.

Suffix: -y relating to or filled with; other words: messy, and cheesy, lucky


"Wait for me!" wailed little KIRSTI


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