7th Grade Peek of the Week February 24-28, 2020

Start sending in the field trip forms and $5-they are on bright yellow paper!

We will encourage students to keep their cell phones/headphones put away during class time and during transitions in the hallway. As we move toward GMAS, we need our scholars focused on content and will try to keep distractions such as texting and social media to a minimum.
#CelebrateMonday 2/24
  • After school sports practices
  • Winter Sports Banquet @ 5:00
  • Class meeting with Mrs. Raeburn during READ
#TurnUpTuesday 2/25
  • Soccer Game (home) 4:00 against North Tattnall
  • Tutoring 3:35-4:30
  • After school sports practices
#WinWednesday 2/26
  • After school sports practices
  • Read180 Interim Assessment for 1st & 2nd periods
  • Snack Chat during break
#ThankfulThursday 2/27
  • Soccer Game (away)
  • Baseball Game (home) 4:30 against North Tattnall
  • Track Meet (BCHS) against Jenkins Co., Toombs, N. Tattnall
  • After school sports practices
  • Read180 Interim Assessment for 3rd & 4th periods
#FocusFriday 2/28
  • Club Day!
  • Mrs. Tedder's Science Test
  • $1 Hat Day!

Content Info For The Week

  • ELA (Gordon): This week we will start off reading “The Red Scarf Girl”. Memoirs are my favorite genre and we will focus on comparing Ji-Li’s time period to our own. We will also start literature circles this week. As always please let me know if you have any questions.
  • Read 180 (Hester & Miller): Students will learn how to write effective summaries without including personal opinions. In addition, students will learn the basic parts of an argumentative (claim, argument, evidence, explanation, etc.) and use the TREE strategy to write an effective argument in the form of a paragraph on the topic: Is free-climbing a rock like Dawn Wall too dangerous for inexperienced climbers?
  • Math (Allmond, Fulton, Lothridge): Students started the probability unit on Friday and will continue learning about probability this week. Students will participate in a lot of fun probability activities this week, so be sure to ask them what they did at school. Students will continue to receive daily grades, so remind them to stay on task as we are quickly approaching GMAS. There will be no quizzes or tests this week.
  • Science (Aldred & Tedder): Students in Ms. Aldred's class will continue to complete activities showcasing their understanding of probability and inheritance. A Formative Assessments (Quiz) on Tuesday will be given. Mrs. Tedder's class will discuss the Pro's and Con's of gene therapy, biotechnology and GMO's on Monday. Then on Tuesday, we will complete the study guide. Wednesday and Thursday will be all review for a Test in Mrs. Tedder's class on Friday. The study guide was provided in class this past Friday and is posted to Google Classroom.
  • Social Studies (Lewis & Waddell): This week, students will focus on the environmental issues that affect the African continent. They will also participate in a station rotation activity in the library during their long block class to examine the broader topic of where people live and why. Friday, students will take a formative assessment covering all content information in the African geography unit.

Look what we have been up to!

7th grade Read 180 is crushing parallel teaching!!
Mrs. Aldred and her class learning about DNA, recessive & dominant genes
Mr. Hoover and Chris capping off a great day at the end of break!
Mrs. Tedders scholars took probability to the next level after learning about traits, pedigrees and punnet squares. Have you ever thought about the genetics of crossing a giraffe and eagle? Giraffe and a turtle? Penguin and a cat?
Bryan County Middle School baseball team own both of their games Saturday.
Mrs. Gordon students using stations and group work in ELA

Deadline to sign up for the Atlanta field trip is March 1st!-Only two seats left!!

March Grade Level Field Trip to Atlanta

2019-2020 7th Grade Trip

Date: Friday, March 27th

Trip #13401

$165-Paid in Full by: March 1st

*Offered via Kelly Tours*


**Behavior Requirements Apply**

7th Grade Team Contact Info!

Teachers pictured from left to right:

Anna Waddell-Social Studies-awaddell@bryan.k12.ga.us

Drew Fulton-Math-dfulton@bryan.k12.ga.us

Lindsey Lothridge-Math-llothridge@bryan.k12.ga.us

Anna Lewis-Social Studies-alewis@bryan.k12.ga.us

John Allmond-ESS Math-jallmond@bryan.k12.ga.us

Bethany Gordon-ELA-bgordon@bryan.k12.ga.us

Melissa Tedder-Science-mtedder@bryan.k12.ga.us

Bobi Hester-ESS Read 180-bhester@bryan.k12.ga.us

Brandi Miller-Read 180-brandi.miller@bryan.k12.ga.us

Anne Marie Aldred-Science-aaldred@bryan.k12.ga.us

BCMS Administration Team!

Liz Raeburn-Principal-eraeburn@bryan.k12.ga.us

Abram Scott-Assistant Principal-ascott@bryan.k12.ga.us

Blaine Ennis-Assistant Principal/Athletic Director-bennis@bryan.k12.ga.us