AstroTrails You are gathering asteroids in your spaceship in a highly dangerous asteroid system. However you have just been alerted that the asteroid system is heating up at an exponential rate and could blow at any moment. You need to gather enough asteroids to fuel your spaceship and power yourself out of the system before the other spaceships in your area. There are only enough asteroids for one ship to make it out alive. That ship needs to be yours.


Gather 10 fuel pieces and make it to one of the four ports on the corners of the board before the dangerous asteroid system blows! There is room for only one ship, the players left behind will explode with the system.

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3 - 4 players


  • 4 spaceship pieces
  • Playing board
  • Fuel deck (23 cards)
  • Location deck (72 cards)
  • Fuel pieces (20 of each red, blue and yellow)
  • Movement tiles (40 tiles)
  • Pirate


  1. Each player picks a ship and places it directly on any of the grid lines on the labeled start position on the border of the game board.
  2. Each player receives three movement tiles. Players will always have three movement tiles, so when they place one on the board they will draw another from the pile. Once the movement deck has been used up, the discard pile of the movement tiles is reshuffled and used again.
  3. Each player starts with one fuel piece of their choice.
  4. Shuffle both the fuel deck and the location deck and place them near the board side by side as they will be drawn simultaneously. (5.) Place the movement tiles by the board as well. (6.) Place the pirate piece at the exact center of the board, not in a square

You are ready to begin!

The oldest player is the first to go, and then the turns continue clockwise.

Round Guide:

  1. At the start of each round, one fuel card and one location card are drawn. The location corresponds to which square on the game board the fuel pieces will be placed. The fuel card determines how many and of which color fuel will be placed on that location.
  2. If you draw a fuel card of 1 or 2, draw 2 location cards and place the fuel at those 2 spots on the board.

Turn Guide:

  1. At the start of each turn, players choose one movement tile to play. The fuel streams on that tile connect with the lines that the player currently inhabits. Players must follow the stream they connect to and cannot veer off onto another stream on their tile.
  2. If the tile you place also has a stream that matches up to another player’s location, your tile will move the other player as well. In this way you can veer other players off course.
  3. You may choose to use one of your fuel pieces as a power up. This is optional. The functions of the different colors are shown below.

Remove any movement tiles that are not adjacent to you or another player.

Special Occurrences:

If fuel is placed on a square that is bordered by more than one player, the pieces are split. The person whose turn is next gets the first piece, the next person whose turn it is gets the second piece and so on until the pieces are gone.

The first player to reach a square adjacent to the pirate at the center of the board has the ability to move it where they wish. The player who then runs into the pirate must pay one fuel piece but may also move the pirate wherever they wish on the board.

Fuel Pieces:

The fuel cubes that players collect from arriving at a square first also have power up benefits that players can take advantage of by giving up one of the cubes. Players also need to keep in mind however that they need 10 of any combination of these cubes to get out of the asteroid system.

  • Yellow fuel: speed boost, allows player to play two movement tiles in one turn
  • Red fuel: reverse boost, allows player to travel backwards along their fuel stream and then play one movement tile where they end up
  • Blue fuel: track jump, allows players to switch to the other stream that is next to the stream they are currently on on their movement tile. They will then travel along this stream and then play

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Created with images by skeeze - "spiral planetary nebula nebula universe"

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