Photoshop Final Project By Cameron Petroccione


One project that I am very proud of is my self-portrait project. In this project I was required to make a photo of myself and add various images that would tell about my personality. As you can see I added a small black cat sitting by my legs. This is actually my cat and I added him to show that I love cats. You can also see that there is a large person in a diving suit behind me. This along with the picture above me and the picture to the right are from my favorite video game series ever, that being the Bioshock series. These are meant to show not only my love for that specific series, but also my love for video games as a whole which can be seen with the picture of my Nintendo 3DSXL in the top left corner. The final aspect of this picture is the quote on the right side that reads. "Don't ruin today thinking about tomorrow" This was actually from my mother telling me that I need to stop worrying about what will happen and instead just live in the moment. This picture I feel best falls under standard 3 because as stated above it is meant to represent my love for video games and my cats.

Free Choice Project

The next project that I am very proud of is my free choice project. This project was a bit more flexible than the previous as we were given several different techniques within photoshop and our job was to pick one of those techniques and make a photo out of it. For my project I decided to use the pop-art affect which is a technique where the photo has all of its colored removed until it is solely in black and white. Then the white spots are filled in with colors in order to make the picture more eye-catching. For my subject I chose my cat to once again show my love for cats. and I also decided to fill the white areas with several different shades of green as green is my favorite color. it is from this project that I learned how to strip and image of its color and fill specific white areas with new colors. As a result of this project I was able to learn the new technique of the pop-art affect and I learned that a silhouette can make a person look at a picture in a completely different way.

The video above is part one of four of my independent learning project. For this project we were required to take a technique that we learned this year and make a final project from it. For my project I chose to do a time lapse and since time lapses usually aren't very long I made a few of them. For my first time lapse I decided to make it from my brothers birthday. I set up a camera in the corner and set it to take a picture every second or so. In doing so I was able to make a short video of me and my family eating cake for my brother's birthday. This video falls under standard 4 because as it is my first time lapse was not very good at making them thus making this a sort of draft time lapse. It also shows a bit of standards 1 and 2 because since time lapse isn't something we learned during class I had to go out and learn how to do it on my own

The video above is part two of four of my independent learning project. As stated above I decided to make time lapses for my project as I feel they are very unique and the final product can turn out very good. For my second time lapse I decided to use a simpler idea and just go with kids walking down the hallway. I did this by setting my phone to the time lapse setting in the camera app and setting it on a steady platform in the hallway of my school. I made sure to wait until the end of lunch to be sure that a lot of people would pass by and as soon as I saw people coming, I pressed record. I was able to assemble this time lapse much more easily than the first one because in the first one I used an actual camera and that required me to manually put the images together in photoshop. The time lapse option on my phone however does a lot of this for me because it is able to take the video and automatically delete pictures it doesn't need in order to make sure the video is at a maximum of forty seconds. After that I simply had to upload the video file and choose the number of frames per second and then it was done. This process shows a bit of standard 4 specifically the edit and revise parts because I was able to take my previous attempt and change my strategy in order to create the video both much easier and much faster. From this project I learned that it is much easier to use time lapse setting on my phone than it is to use an actual camera.

For part three out of four of my independent learning project I decided to make a time lapse of my mother wrapping a Christmas present. I was trying to think of something a bit more creative as the idea of people walking down a hallway is a bit of a cliche for time lapses. After a bit of brainstorming I was able to come up with the idea to record my mother as she wrapped a present for Christmas. This I feel is not something that is usually done in time lapses and it felt pretty creative. The process for making this time lapse was extremely simple. First I once again take out my phone and go to the time lapse option in my camera app. I then pressed record and gave my mom a signal to tell her to start wrapping. After recording the footage I simply took the file and imported it to photoshop to make the time lapse. This falls under standard 3 because I was trying to come up with a new idea that isn't normally seen in time lapses.

For the final entry in my independent learning project I knew that I had to make it better than the previous three. It had to show all of the techniques that I have learned during this project while also making it creative like the previous one. After consulting with some of my peers I decided on the idea to make a time lapse of me opening presents on Christmas morning. The reason I chose this idea is because it is an idea that I feel isn't normally seen in time lapses and because it expresses my love for the holiday. Christmas is by far my favorite holiday because I can just sit and open presents while spending time with my family. The process for this video was once again simple. All i really needed to do was open the time lapse app on my phone and hand it to my mother. I simply told her to record me opening presents and to stop when she felt that we had enough footage. Once Christmas vacation was over I returned to school and thanks to my previous experience I was able to upload the footage with not too much difficulty. This time lapse falls under standards 3 and 4 because it shows what I was able to create after experimenting with the previous time lapses and because it represents my love for Christmas and spending time with my family.

This presentation falls under standard five because I am showing what i have learned this year by presented my different projects.

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