Windows 10 basics and Edge Tools

  • Reading Mode and Right Click
  • Grammar tools
  • Writing Tools
  • Dictation on Ribbon
  • Apps when possible (customizing apps & using keyboard shortcuts)

Office 365 Learning Tools

  • Immersive Reader
  • Built in Dictionary and Pronunciation
  • Dictation on Ribbon (filter may block)
  • Test online to allow greater independence

Microsoft Word

  • Document names (include last name)
  • Proofread by having Work Read Aloud
  • Study for Tests by having Notes Read Aloud
  • Save as PDF when emailing
  • Always Online to Desktop
  • Learn basic key functions (shift, #pad)

OneDrive Organization

  • Creating folders (year, subject)
  • File names
  • Search
  • Sharing and Collaboration
  • Mobile App – access to files for mobile email, can free up memory on phone

Outlook Online

  • Reply vs reply all
  • Caution using names due to confidentiality
  • How to verify address and using photo
  • Attaching from OneDrive

Start Networking with Yammer

  • It is free to join with WV Office 365 (you will find it in the waffle)
  • Select some groups of interest
  • Feel free to ask questions as well as share your expertise and experiences

What's Your Favorite Microsoft Tip to Share

  • Do you have a special tip for teachers?
  • What about a tip for our students?

Install Password on Work Computer

Tutorials for Office 365 can be found on the Teacher Websites Symbaloo Webmix.

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