Dear Rebecca from munashe tanjani

Cape Town

I understand you have been trying to figure out where to go on vacation. Cape Town and Hawaii are both very good place places to go, but each one has what makes them special, and what gives it a disadvantage. I have a couple of opinions for both of the reasons. I hope this will help you in your decision.

Cape Town

Cape Town has lots of different cultures and is very diverse. All the different foods and people would be a lot to look at, and very exciting. I know you history and learning, so you will love all the history that Cape town has. It is very tropical, mysterious, and quiet beautiful.


Hawaii is a very beautiful and tropical just like Cape Town. There are both very similar in that way. They also both have a lot of history. Since you really like history, Hawaii has a holiday called Remembrance Day, the day when they remember the attack on Pearl Harbor. You may have to come later in the year, like December!


I think the best solution is having your vacation in Cape Town. With all the culture and diversity there, you would thrive. You might not even want to leave. All of the beautiful oceans and and blue water would be sure to mesmerize you. Cuisine, history, culture and diversity what makes Cape Town Cape Town. You would love visiting all the sites and activities this tropical paradise has to offer.

Cape Town

It is beautiful and has a lot of things you could learn. There are so many oceans and beaches that you would have a blast at. Seeing all the sites and exciting places would blow your mind. All the beauty of Cape Town is truly a sit to see, and you would love it!

Cape Town Food

It was a very hard decision, and I understand why you asked me. I hope my advice was useful to your conclusion. These two places where really similar and had me wondering If I was looking at Identical facts, but with all my research, I feel this is the best place for. And If you have anymore room in the plane, I would love to come with you because a trip to Cape Town seems like the trip of a lifetime!


Have fun!

Love ya!
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