Atomic War WW2 American

1. Describe the purpose of your propaganda.

-To stop creating atomic bombs and to stop the progression of bombs against the soviet union so we the united states have made posters to be aware and back down and stop making bombs. And trying to be on edge all of the time to defend our selfs.

2. Describe all images and phrases used in your work, why you chose them, and what they represent

-The images of atomic bombs going off is very scary and symbolic the atomic bomb meant power and we had to be careful with the bombs i had found lots of research on building atomic bombs and what we did with them.

3. Describe what you learned about US/Soviet relations from this project.

-In this project i learned about Atomic bombs and atomic war against the soviet union i also had looked up on air war and the cold war the soviet union had been trying to build and launch the space shuttles and make atomic bombs during this time.

Written component incorporates historical terms, events and themes; in addition to answering the 3 questions above.

Artwork takes a clear position in favor of a country or an idea, is colorful, creative and presents a clear understanding of the cold war.

Bibliography is included, 5 sources used and is in links or citations within the app


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