Father Kenneth Anderson Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Kenneth Anderson, St. Joan of Arc Parish, Evanston, IL

Submitted by: Meg Cagney

Fr. Anderson had only been at SJA 18 months when COVID hit. In his short tenure, he had reactivated the Parish Pastoral Council and Finance Council, reached out to the newly formed Academy at SJA, began work on Renew My Church and had begun to repair and reunite our fractured parish.

When COVID was upon us, Father Anderson was amazing. He set up a weekly YouTube Mass (and added a bit of humor as he led us into church....). He reached out to parish leadership to help him communicate ways to keep parishioners abreast of what was happening in the parish and to help them spiritually during this crazy time.

As the Church gradually reopened, he made sure all protocols were in place, created sign-up procedures and asked people to be cleaners and greeters, etc. so all would feel safe upon return.

He has renewed my faith in Church leadership. Father Anderson came into a very difficult situation and in a very quiet and efficient way has helped to heal and make us a vital parish once again.