Colonial Education By: talia wills

How did schools work in colonial America? It wasn't quite as nice as today. Schools in colonial America had different school supplies, poor kids couldn't go to school. School was a lot different than today.

Boys in the New colonies were to learn how to read so they could read the bible along with school books. There were also grammar schools set up by over 100 families, and boys were taught Latin and math and other things they had to know in order to get into college.

Holy Bible

The colonial children's first book was a square wood palette covered with a thin piece of paper, and had a handle, this was called a horn book. The horn book was often worn around the neck from a string or hung by the side. Often the alphabet, combinations of letters, the prayer of the Lord, or Roman numerals were printed on it.

This is the first "book" called a horn book.

The children who lived in rich families either went to private schools called dames or were taught by a private teacher. Dames were run by women who, most of the time, were not married. They had these lessons in their houses. The children would MEMORIZE THE ALPHABET, and learn how to spell and write. The school also held spelling bees. And of course you had to pay to get into school.

Apprenticeships were a way to get education for children who lived in poor families. A boy would be an apprentice to someone who trades, or a master craftsmen, or anybody who is a professional who would be able to offer him room and board, and would be able to teach his skills to the apprentice. Then the boys had to work hard, be obedient, and study faithfully. Girls were in apprenticeships to be housekeepers, learn how to sew, or cook. They also became household servants. And even though girls didn't go to any colleges or grammar schools, they did learn how to read.

This is a boy who has to be an apprentice. He is an apprentice to the occupation shoemaker.

See, schools were really different in colonial days. They had different school supplies, there wasn't always electronics and school books.There were different ways to get education, and just a whole different system.

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