Attendance at HCPS

Attendance Matters

Here at HCPS, we seek to ensure that all of our pupils receive a full-time education which maximises opportunities for every child to reach their full potential. In order to achieve this, good attendance and punctuality are essential. Any absence, including family holidays, disrupts the child's learning as they will miss key skills that have been taught in their absence.

Good Attendance is regarded as above the National Expectation of 97%. Good punctuality is regarded as arriving in time for the school register. School registers close at 9.00am.

Parental Responsibility

There are a few things that can help you as parents, to ensure your child has a good attendance and punctuality:

  • Ensure a good routine in the mornings and evenings
  • Always inform school of your child's absence
  • Wherever possible, arrange medical appointments outside of school (where this isn't possible, provide school with a copy of appointment letters)
  • Encourage a positive relationship between your child and school
  • Discuss any problems you may have with your child's class teacher or another member of staff - we are all here to help!

Parent Initiative

This year, we haven't just got initiatives for our children whilst at school but for you as parents too! At the end of every term, we will generate a parent prize draw. If your child has a termly attendance of 97% and above, then you will be entered into a prize draw. We will then draw the prize and there will be just ONE lucky winner. You can be in for the chance to win yourself a £50 voucher.

School Initiatives

In order to develop a positive, whole-school culture around good attendance, we have some new reward initiatives that we are launching!

The reward system will adopt a multi-layered approach: Key Stage and Classroom based rewards.

Classroom Based rewards

Within each class, there will be a range of attendance initiatives that each child can be up for winning...

The class with the highest attendance percentage for the week will receive a class certificate PLUS the chance to win additional choosing time the following week. This can be used for anything they choose with their class teacher. Whether this be watching their favourite documentary, programme or having an extra play time - the choice is theirs!

Key Stage Awards

Each month, there will be 2 lucky winners from each of our key stages: EYFS, Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2

Our Key Stage awards will consist of our Most Improved Attender (1 boy & 1 girl winner). Our 6 lucky winners will win themselves the chance to have hot chocolate with Mr Fallon on the last Friday of every month! Each lucky winner will win an additional prize of a Fallon's Fiver for their class!

Hot chocolate with Mr Fallon will take place at the end of every month!

Fallon's Fivers

Punctuality is just as important as attending school every day.

Within every class, we will reward all children who arrive on time which in turn will allow them to cash in their Fallon's Fivers!

How does Fallon's Fivers work?

Each class has a glass jar, which when filled, holds the value of £5.00. When a child arrives on time for school, they will earn themselves a counter which they will place in their jar. The more children in each class that arrive on time, the more counters earned each day. As soon as the class fill their jar, they earn themselves a Fallon's Fiver. The more times a class fills up their jar, the more cash they earn! For the class with the highest cash fund at the end of the term, there will be an additional £5 thrown in to your final cash fund!

How can a class spend their Fallon's Fivers?

At the end of each term, every class will cash in their Fallon's Fivers. They will get a choice of a range of prizes to spend their money on and this has to be a class decision!

Rewards can include:

  • Movie afternoon with popcorn and snacks
  • Pizza Party
  • Hot Dog lunch
  • Ice Cream Party
  • BBQ
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Purchase of class games for a games afternoon

Supporting our children

Developing confident, happy, self-motivated learners who enjoy learning and see it as a life long adventure

Our school values are at the heart of everything we do, including promoting a positive culture around attendance. For those children and families finding this difficult, there will be support provided from our members of staff. Daily check-ins with the child to see how they are feeling, how their day has gone, what they have learnt that day and what they are looking forward to will promote a positive relationship between that child and school. For families needing further support, your child's class teacher will be there to help and offer guidance and support depending on their needs. 


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